Headache Hat GEL - L/XL

Headache Hat GEL - L/XL

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For tension headaches, eye mask, and short term COOLING and/or WARMING needs!  Headache Hat GEL is a soft silky fabric with gel inside.  Pull down over the eyes or leave up on the top of your head to look like a hat. (note there is no top on this one.  Choose "Gel top Cap" if you want cooling on top!)

We have added this option to the line to meet the needs of customers that meed only 15-20 minute cooling or heat.  This design is for those that do not want the ice cube pressure on the pain points as the Original Headache Hat and Halos provides

Keep in the freezer in the storage bag provided (must keep in the bag or shrinkage can occur). 

To heat, microwave for just 30 seconds and check, continue 30 seconds as needed and test on hands before putting on your head.

***LIMIT 3 per customer per 6 month period****

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