🎁The Holiday Scramble, Migraine, and Doing the Best we can do!

🎁The Holiday Scramble, Migraine, and Doing the Best we can do!

From the second to last week of August through the holidays, it feels like a blur ….a state of push, never ending lists, stops and starts, orthodontist and dr. appointments, early morning hockey practices, and of course the "drop everything" issues at work or home that cause unlimited forgetfulness of the day to day duties- like remembering to buy bread or toothpaste!

❄️There is a tie between migraine and anxiety, and boy does mine ramp up around this time of year. I’m thinking many of you can relate, so decided I to share. Maybe you saw on Instagram that my Thanksgiving weekend started with a migraine attack and a website setting mistake on our Black Friday sale!

🌟By the week before Christmas, the fall push is coming to a crazy crescendo… we add in all the gifting and multiple school half days - All this during the most important time of year for business sales! My husband asked me a question recently and I said sorry I just can’t hear it now, my brain is just scrambled eggs! Who else feels like a squirrel crossing the road?? Head quickly twitching in each direction …should I reply to text - check email - schedule apt - watch a FB ad - pack an order -prep for a call…wait, I have a great idea....AHH! By the time I get home from work and the sports pickups and drop offs (that's if my son doesn’t have one more late ride to his girlfriend's house!) …I am ready to sit at my dining room table and work some more, or do the family admin work and bills (rather than fold the clean clothes that have been sitting in baskets for days). On any given night, I might hear in the background my husband on a late night work call, my son making silly loud imitations in the kitchen, and my daughter comes in to talk about some school drama….the dog and cats make a ruckus around us... I laugh at my son (I’m happy when he’s happy!) while my husband is telling him to knock it off...I listen to the school drama...and I bang away on my laptop at the same time (decent keyboard skills for making eye contact elsewhere)…it’s the best I can do right now. And yes, many times it’s with a Headache Hat™ on! And yes, sometimes it’s with a glass of wine!

💜This year, I tried to practice gratefulness before bed (I was reminded to start doing this again after hearing this quote from Michael J. Fox: "..If you can find something to be grateful for, then you can find something to look forward to."). I started drinking celery juice (it is not a migraine cure for me yet, but I am finding it has worked for other health issues - I don’t have the mindset for the full Medical Medium protocol but have taken on parts), I muddled through a 5 month literal "pain in the neck", which was caused by an aggressive chiro adjustment (if you have neck and back pain and can find a "spinal energy” practitioner, I highly recommend, as it got me functional through this time), and I started a monthly series on Instagram live called the Migraine Share Sessions. Take a listen if you have time to hear the two wonderful guests I’ve interviewed so far. I love that they are both using "pain reprocessing" techniques as part of their tools- when it comes to drug free options, why not try everything and anything! https://www.instagram.com/p/Czef2g1OlCD/

To my customers that are feeling like "scrambled eggs” right now….holding it together, and still producing while battling migraine or other chronic illness….we’ve got this! And on the days we don’t …just know you are not alone!!

This photo is so peaceful…. we live in a small town of farms and Christmas trees, so we don’t have to go far to cut our own.
Whatever holidays you may be celebrating, I hope you all find some peace at the end of the year and most importantly, some pain free days and some things to be grateful for.

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