Unique Features

The Headache Hat is a unique, wearable ice pack for migraine headaches and more. The Patented design with soft, flexible spandex and individual plastic ice cubes inside, is like no other ice pack you've used before. The long lasting, lightweight cooling therapy makes this the perfect headache ice pack. Why?

1)  3 channels of individual ice cubes that can be positioned on the pain points and moved up or down the channels - or removed and added for more or less ice.  

2) Long Lasting - The Headache Hat is REVERSIBLE! So when one side warms, simply flip over for another 30-60 minutes of cold!  

3) The wrap design looks like a hat but allows for ultimate versatility - wear on head like a hat or to the side, or around the back...or wear around neck, lay on it, wear on other body aches!   

4) Leave it in the freezer in the storage bag ready to use when needed!  Purchase the fleece barrier for temperature control if needed.