Our Story

The design for the Headache Hat came to me during one horrible migraine back in 2013  (I had gotten more than my usual headaches and migraines that year with post partum hormones).  I was pressing the ice cubes in my ziplock bag into my head - eventually feeling the dripping water in my hair from the melting, and as usual getting annoyed with the plastic crinkling sound when I moved... and there was a gel pack wrap on the pillow that was warm long before.  I think I distracted myself from the pain with more than just the numbing ice, but also with thoughts of how this ice pack could work better and hit all these pain points at once...getting the ice to hit and press on those spots where I wanted.  By the time that migraine broke, I had so many ideas on this "hat", and the name - Headache Hat - was born right then.   In my groggy post migraine state and I told my husband right there, when I figure this all out its going to be amazing!  And I went to work right away - using materials I had like my Pilates spandex and plastic coated ice cubes, and my horrible hand sewing... until I got it right. The first time I got to use it with a headache I knew this was going to help many others too (next challenge - figure out how to sell a product!).  3 years later, the design is patented and thousands of people know and believe in the relief this Headache Hat brings. And years after that, the product was winning awards and more and more 5 star reviews.  See the GH/HSN win here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjpQ9N6bAqY 
Wishing everyone less head pain - or at least some distraction from it!