Our Story

The design for the Headache Hat™ came to me during one horrible migraine attack in 2013  (I had been getting more attacks than usual, and also daily headaches with post partum hormones).  I was pressing ice cubes in a plastic lock bag onto my head (as I had done since childhood)... eventually feeling the dripping water in my hair from the melting, and getting annoyed with the plastic crinkling sound when I moved. There was also a gel pack on the pillow that was warm long before and didn't help much. I guess I distracted myself from the pain with more than just the numbing ice, but also with thoughts of how an ice pack could work better for migraine attacks. How could I get it to stay in place and target all these pain points, getting the ice press on those spots where I wanted it, but not melt on me? By the time that migraine pain broke, I had so many ideas on this "hat", and the name - Headache Hat - was born right then.  In my groggy state, and I told my husband right there, when I figure this all out its going to be amazing!  I went to work right away, using materials I had or that I could find (like my Pilates spandex and plastic coated ice cubes).  I sewed it by hand until I got it right. The first time I got to use it  I just knew it would help many others too (next challenge - figure out how to sell a product!).  Years later, a patent... awards... new styles and forms... and tens of thousands of people know and believe in the Headache Hat™ and our line of products. 
Wishing everyone more good days, and strength to get through the bad ones!