The Headache Hat™ was created by migraineur Sherri Pulie in 2013, with a mission to provide better cooling therapy options to help battle migraine and tension headaches.

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USA Assembly: Original Headache Hat™ and Headache Halo™ 🇺🇸 Patent # USD757,931

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Headache Hat

Are recurring migraine headaches interrupting your daily routine?Headache Hat™is a patented, awarding winning holistic solution to help you battle through migraines and headaches. Whetheryou are one of the 38 million Americans that suffer from migraines or have the occasional tension pain, theHeadache Hat™ provides stylish comfort and fast and long-lasting cooling relief through a unique design that provides targeted pressure on the pain points where you need it. Ice packets are made in the USA, and all final assembly and packaging are done in the USA with parts from the USA and other countries.

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"The ice packs really last as well.I will order more Headache hats for sure!"

-Stephanie C.

"This Headache Hat is very helpful in migraine pain."

-Jane S.

"I absolutely love this. Would recommend it to anyone who has chronic headache pain."

-Henry M.

"I highly recommend these for those who suffer from any type of head pain. Thank you!"

-Connie R.

"I have been using headache hats and halos for years. They are an essential part of my migraine toolbox."

-Lesley L.