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Headache Hat™ Gel Cube Pull On Hat (2.0)

Headache Hat™ Gel Cube Pull On Hat (2.0)

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Headache Hat™ Gel Cube Hat is a pull on style with Gel cubes vs. water for cooling or heat therapy.  

The benefits of this are softer cubes and more coverage from back from and top of head.  The cooling relief time is 30-45 minutes / can vary between individuals.  This 2.0 style can also be warmed if you prefer heat to cold!  For cold be sure to store in the coldest part of the freezer.

There is one small panel on either side to ensure the ears don't get frozen!  Wear it up or over eyes.  The top has a opening for hair if desired, or it can closed with the drawstring.

This Gel Cube hat is a bit heavier than our original style Headache Hat but has full cooling coverage.  

The pull on cap makes it easy and should easily fit most head sizes.  ** It my feel tight when you first put it on but will loosen and mold. **

Contents: Nylon&Spandex stretch fabric. Gel Cubes are made of: water, sodium chloride, glycerol, CMC(Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium. 6 packs are in each. Made in China


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