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Headache Hat™ Gel Cubes Pull On cap

Headache Hat™ Gel Cubes Pull On cap

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Soft Gel Cubes come loaded inside this lycra "pull on" cap.  

Ability to pull over eyes if needed, wear it with the nose cut out or wear it backwards (as in main photo image), for full frontal coverage if desired. 

*For Cold: Leave in the freezer in the plastic bag for at least 2 hours and use when needed.  Cold time is approx 45 minutes but varies from person to person

One size stretches for most heads

Wearing your Headache Hat:

  1. Wear it while lying down or while doing chores around the house:
  2. Pulled down over eyes – you can wear it with the nose cut out over nose, or use the back side instead to pull to down and further black out the light
  3. Choose which way you wear it for comfort

Contents:  Lycra stretch fabric.  Gel Cubes are made of: water, sodium chloride, glycerol, CMC(Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium.  6 packs are in each.  Made in China

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