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Headache Hat™ Migraine Battle Box!

Headache Hat™ Migraine Battle Box!

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What's in the Box?! 
  •  Headache Hat™ - The original design of this wearable ice pack (since 2013).
    • Long Lasting cold, up to 2 hours
    • Targeted ice packets to sit on pain points. These can be moved gently in the channel to allow for specific placement.
    • Wear it how you need it!
      • Closure in back, in front or on side depending on where you want the ice to cover
      • Pull over eyes if desired to block out light and hit orbital pain points
      • Wear it around neck, over shoulder or around knee
      • Lay on it or wear it around other body aches!
  • A fleece barrier for temperature control to use with your Headache Hat original
    • Use this if the wrap is too cold, or as an extra layer of soft feel.
    • Take the specially cut ends and loop it around the ends of the Headache Hat
  • The Headache Hat Baseball Gel Cap. For when you need to leave the house for errands, but need the cooling therapy while on the go.
    • This is a set – Gel cap and baseball cap that can work together or alone! Ice your head and block out sun or lights while driving. 
    • The gel cap can be used for either heat or cooling therapy and lasts 15-20 minutes.
  • Peppermint oil stick (brand may vary in box): Drown out other smells that make migraines worse.  Keep in your pocket to use a needed!  Rub on pain points or simply use the smell to soothe and help drown out other triggering smells.
  • Ear plugs: Drown out noise that can cause or make symptoms worse


  • Exercise stretch band (Theraband brand). Hit the QR code to learn                                       a few simple stretches and exercise to help with neck/shoulder                                       tension that can lead to a tension headache.
  • Hand warmers:   Temperate extremes can trigger a migraine for me. These are either for chilly outdoor activities or anytime you need a little warmth (one time use) Another tip I once hear was to use heat on your feet while icing your head. I like to use a full hot pack for this, but these could work in a pinch!
  •  Donation to Miles for Migraine – For every box ordered, together we are making a $2 donation to Miles for Migraine.

    Miles for Migraine is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with migraine and headache disease by funding fellowship programs to alleviate the doctor shortage, while creating a supportive community for patients and their

  • Headache Hat Emergency GO! Traveling any time soon?  This set allows you to fill the zip lock bag with hotel ice and slide it into the GO wrap.  It’s not leak proof, but in a pinch this is clutch!

  • Discount Codes on other helpful migraine products:Promo code for Avalux migraine glasses included in the box. $40 off!  Promo code for other Headache Hat products in the box ! Cefaly promo code included in the box Yoga Migraine promo code

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